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clay activity leads to pottery

Clay Jug

Children, preschooler and all foundation phase learners love to play with clay/playdough. Once they roll out the dough/clay they do not know what to do next. Everyone is limited by their imagination including you and I and we are enriched by our experience; what we see and what we have experienced. So why do our kids have to be different?

Did you notice how everything is round for a child?

In the adult world ‘round’ is a perfect circle, but children don’t understand the difference. So in the classic sense something that has no beginning and no end has to be a circle (round). So who is right? Or what does it matter in a child’s world.

Did you ever see a child plucking the wings from a butterfly? Suddenly we are alarmed. Yes it does seem cruel. But isn’t that what scientist do, deconstructing something to try to understand.

Enough said. We are talking about experience and discovery.

When we work with clay / playdough – after the circle and the ball and the snake, we should guide them in the making creating. Imagination starts from the known and moves to the creative.

Here are two examples:

Believe me ‘playing’ or working with dough can be very therapeutic for adults too. So join your child in the world of making and discovery.

And it all starts here

Rolling and stamping and developing our gross and fine motor muscles whilst at the same time stimulating our creativity and developing reason and problem solving.

Learning to Play and Playing to Learn

There are enough examples on the internet

Clay Activities _great Ideas to start

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