First Step – easy as: a b c

Teaching children nursery rhymes will help them be better readers later in life. While singing nursery rhymes, we speak more clearly and slowly. This is a good way for children to learn the words and understand how they are formed.

Pre-schoolers love repetition and repetition is the key to learning, so take advantage of this great teaching tool to help them learn all kinds of new skills.

Studies have shown that children who sing and rhyme regularly also tend to:

  • have an easier time learning to speak
  • They have already developed the vocabulary to express themselves, and
  • They become more creative and confident
  • School is also easier for them, especially reading and spelling.
So lets ‘s learn the a b c song

It is very important to use as many senses as possible to learn – sight sound touch etc. – and as the child learns to recite the letters of the alphabet we would strongly encourage that we develop handwriting skills