Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is informed by Federal Trade Commission policy on, especially child information:


IM academy of Learning is an Educational NPO registered in the Republic of South Africa registration number 149-220-NPO

Our aim is to provide learner and teacher support material and advise. In pursuance of our goals, we promote our own and partner generated material to advance these aims.

We collect customer data:

To improve customer experience on our site and

To supply educational and/or promotional material to our subscribers

“We will not sell or pass on your personal information to anyone, for any purpose.

Our information streams are only divided into:

customer (contact information, age levels, region and purchase history),

financial (profit, loss, sales, taxes),

business (vendors, products, pricing, competitors),

survey material

We do however carry educational promotional material that we feel may benefit our clients. Visitors to our sights may voluntary use this information at their discretion.

If there is a request for information from a regulatory body or if there is a breach of security, we will post an alert of this nature on our landing page at the earliest convenient time.

Our site is scanned regularly for viruses and malicious software in order to create a safe environment for the user.

Emails and right of use to the website:

  • In our communication with customers and market via email, be subscribe to the CAN-SPAM Act.

Our emails are identified as advertisements and provide an opt-out provision for recipients as well as a clear company identifier.

  • As our website, or mobile app, may appeal to and target children as potential customers and as our target audience may be children under the age of 13, we subscribe to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). We therefore require parental consent to gather information about young user. Any data collected from younger users will be open for parents’ access on request and after verification. We also have strict information retention requirements.
  • Every email sent from IM academy will include appropriate unsubscribe instructions

If for ANY reason you feel disappointed by a customer experience you may address it directly via email the hotlink in any of our emails – for instance:

 “If you don’t want to receive communication from us or believe your information has not been handled correctly, click [hotlink].”


We only use cookies to ‘remember’ little bits of information between pages or visits. These are only stored for short time so that we can make your visit more personal and more memorable.


IM academy maintains a database of permission-based email addresses that are used by IM academy to send you offers of interest via email.

To opt out of this database, send an email to from the email address you wish to unsubscribe. Please clearly state in your email, “Unsubscribe me from IMacademy’s email database.”